Now a recognised investment option for high net worth individuals

This is partly because of current low interest rates, bond yields and considerable market turbulence.

The possibility of rising valuation is only part of the equation. The sheer pleasure in owning and even running one of these beautiful cars from yesteryear is more than just an added bonus.

Recent auction and trade sale results confirm that the mid to higher end of the market is now being targeted by individuals and investment trusts as part of structured investment portfolios.

Lang Finance has funded Classic Cars for several years but has become one of the fastest areas of growth for our business in the last 12 months.

How does classic car finance work?

Like many other non-mainstream investment classes, Classic Car finance is a specialist area. Lenders who advance funding for you either have in-house professionals with in-depth knowledge or rely on a panel of experts for advice.

Some providers specialise in various types of Classic Cars, including older Vintage Classics, Veteran Cars, and Post-Veteran models.

Financing classic and vintage cars can be more complicated than funding your average family saloon.

Lang Finance has long familiarity with the leading finance houses and which Classic and Vintage Cars they tend to consider for financing.

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