It’s a competitive market, which is good news for your business.

Cash Flow finance is an innovative short-term borrowing option for the type of funding that growing businesses need. It has developed into a mainstream funding option in recent years. This is partly in response to banks tightening their lending criteria, which has triggered an explosion in alternative finance providers.

Unlike asset finance, which is secured on assets such as equipment, Cash Flow finance borrows against future expected cash inflows. Sales invoices are the most common asset to be leveraged for funding, with the loan paid off when the client pays you.

What can Cash Flow finance be used for?

Any valid business purpose is an acceptable use for Cash Flow finance.

Clients have used it to pay wages and suppliers while waiting for a sales invoice to be paid. You can use it to clear a pressing HMRC tax or VAT return, or to buy badly needed equipment or repairs.

Cash Flow finance can enable you to exploit a new market or other business opportunity. There really are no limits on how you can use the funds as long as it’s for your business. This flexibility, and not having to patiently explain to a bank’s representative, gives you total independence and freedom to use it as you wish.

Invoice discounting and invoice factoring

The great attraction of these options is that your line of credit expands as your business grows. With a bank, you might have to go back to ask for new loans or top-ups every few months. Not so with Cash Flow finance.

Savvy business owners use every option to power their business forward. Cash Flow finance is one of the most flexible, fast and renewable sources of funding available on the financial markets today.

These options were considered ‘last resort’ many years ago. Now they are modernised and highly confidential. Your clients may not be aware that your invoices are immediately paid by the finance provider and your business gives the vital appearance of normality and solidity.

Invoice discounting is the preferred option of many. You simply borrow from a specialist finance provider against the value of the sales invoices you have raised. The provider’s services are invisible to your clients.

Related services include credit control where having exerts manage your accounts receivable / debtors ledger overcomes internal staffing or capability issues.

Trade insurance also comes into this category. That’s where you take out insurance against a large client going out of business (think Carillion). Your sales invoices are paid in this scenario.

How to find Cash Flow finance

A brief and informal chat with us is the best starting point. We understand business and the financial objectives you are aiming for. Ours is a sympathetic ear.

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