Fast, Flexible & Affordable Bridging Finance to bridge the capital gap

Bridging loans are short-term loans. Like a mortgage, they are secured on property or land. They are generally used to provide a temporary cash injection. But while most clients typically take out a bridging finance for 12 months, we can arrange a term of up to 3 years.

They are very flexible and almost every aspect can be tweaked to suit your needs.

Speed and convenience are two of the main advantages of short-term funding.

Bridging finance is much faster and easier to arrange than a conventional mortgage. Use it to provide rapid funding, with a more flexible application process and fewer rigid lending criteria.

We focus on getting the funds released to you quickly. Speed saves you money.

Bridging finance shaped to your own requirements

As the name suggests, bridging loans are generally used to bridge a gap between two transactions. For example, you may wish to purchase a property at auction. Use a bridging loan to complete the purchase and pay it off when you refinance onto a conventional mortgage

What we offer is personalised and tailored to your needs – not an ‘off the shelf’ package.

Bridging Loans and Financing for practically any purpose

There are many reasons why people bridging finance. Some examples are:

• Property development

• Property purchase

• Property refurbishment

• Deposit for another property

• Purchase a property overseas

• Extend property portfolio

Borrow the amount you need - repay on your terms

Bridging finance serves a key role because high street and private banks often take weeks or months to process a mortgage. That is awkward when the need is time-critical.
These lenders may even refuse to offer a mortgage if the property needs building work.
We know the specialist lenders to approach on your behalf. They understand your project.

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